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Jaymala was born in the historical land of Rajasthan (India). She grew up practicing yoga as a child along with her grandfather. He was a wonderful yogi role model, leading a simple and principled life despite many accolades.

Jaymala continually nurtures herself and has a zeal to learn continually so she can help her students thrive. She takes a personal, non-judgmental, compassionate approach - welcoming people of all abilities and walks of life.

  • Masters Yoga Teacher program in India (1000+ hrs)
  • AYA Advanced Teachers Training Program (350 hrs)
  • Post-graduate program with Ihana Yoga (150 hrs)
  • Yoga courses with teachers – Mahayogi Aksharnath, Dominique Salerno, Jenni Morrison-Jack, Simon Borg-Olivier, Leslie Kaminoff, Jo Phee to name a few...
  • Masters Degree in Human Resources and Finance.

Jaymala’s teaching is more intuitive and philosophical with a focus on anatomy, science and the reasoning behind the age old wisdom of yoga. She is deeply grateful to all the teachers who have empowered her to share their wealth of knowledge fearlessly with her students.

Catherine began her yoga path in 2002. The attraction of linking mind, body and breath, drew her closer to exploring this personal world a little further. Having left the busy construction corporate world in 2014 she then began the journey of studies and further interest in the power of connecting your physical self and soul.

Since then, she has completed several trainings and continues to have a passion for Hatha, 26/2 Detox Series and Laughing Yoga.

A mother of 3, she understands the stresses that come with everyday life but you will discover her classes to be nurturing, yet enthusiastic and accommodating. When she is not teaching, you may find her cooking, camping, hiking and gardening.

She often goes by the name of ‘Cat’ and believes “you should come as you are, no judgement inside or out. It is your class, your sanctuary, your time.”


Samantha’s passion for learning has taken her down some wonderful paths. For most of her life, Samantha has suffered from anxiety, and how to deal with it was always a challenge.

She discovered that moving her body helped her immensely: karate and rock climbing were positive influences at the beginning of her journey to well-being.

Samantha has walked down many diverse career paths and has worked with a variety of artists and designers. For many years, she also worked as a florist and chef.

Good food, exercise and mental health have always been her main priority, even more so since becoming a mother.

She discovered yoga 10 years ago and has found her true passion as a teacher. Always a student, she continues to expand her knowledge,  and her daily practice brings her calmness, balance and mental clarity.

Samantha teaches Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Hatha, Flow & Alignment, Vinyasa, Core & Strength. She leads from her heart, with softness, love and empathy.

Her purpose as a yoga teacher is to guide her students to develop and grow not only in their yoga practice, but in their everyday lives.

  • Diploma of Yoga Teaching - Western Wellness Institute of Training
  • Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy Training - Karina Smith -  Australian Yoga Academy
  • Masterclass/Workshops with Lucas Miles, Craig Villani, Karina Smith, Lucy Ludmila 

Lucy’s approach: to make yoga inclusive of age, ability and size. She encourages all yogis to explore past the physical posture. Lucy believes this deeper approach can help students heal and sow the seeds of opportunity, clarity, compassion and a deeper enjoyment in life.

She started practicing yoga at the age of 18.

Lucy discovered yoga as a way to gain great awareness and access insights about herself. This has helped her heal, change patterns, and live a joyful life skillfully with compassion, authenticity and kindness.

“Yoga has helped me through stressful times, work challenges and rearing a brood of three children,” she explains.

Lucy has studied mainly under James Bahuth, Amanda Hood, Dominique Salerno and Mark Pheely. She is currently mentored by Samantha Cocker-Godson and is studying Buddhism with Christopher Titmuss - she completed a 14 day vipassana retreat under Christopher's guidance.

Lucy has been teaching yoga for over three years and has cultivated her own style according to the needs of the group. She particularly likes teaching Yin and a fusion of Vinyasa/ Chi Gong. She is currently completing her Level 1 Qigong Training with Nicole Lee. 


Loretta’s practice of yoga began in 2005 to manage her stress levels. When diagnosed in 2011 with breast cancer, a more restorative practice was her focus to help with healing the physical and emotional elements of her life.

Loretta found the benefits of a supportive, gentle and mindful practice offers time to experience stillness. Body awareness. And a place to rebalance and access a state of calm through self study of our inner landscape.

Her studies began with Reflexology in 2005. She now works with women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Other yoga studies: Yoga Teacher Training 2016, Restorative Yoga training 2017, Yoga for Breast Cancer 2018. Currently studying Yoga Therapy.

“What once began as a seed of belief has grown into the Tree of Life”

Vicky has always had a passion for health, wellness and balance in life and completed a BSc Hons degree in Aromatherapy & Massage in 2009, which led to a career in healthcare working as a Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy Assistant and later within the fields of Oncology, Haematology, Stroke & Mental Health Clinical Research.

In 2015, Vicky decided to leave Western medicine to follow a more holistic approach to health, teaching yoga & pilates, which she now pursues as her full-time career alongside offering reiki treatments and events/workshops.

Vicky teaches her Yin Yoga classes from a Chinese Medicine perspective, while also incorporating the seven main chakras, her reiki and aromatherapy training.

She uses essential oils and crystals within each class to support her students energetically, emotionally & mentally, encouraging each student to connect deeper with their mind and body.

She looks forward to meeting you in class soon!


Sushil has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 9 years. She later discovered her passion for teaching in 2016, completing her yoga teacher training in hatha, yin and pregnancy yoga.

Sushil is passionate about yin yoga and incorporates meridians and the chakra system in her teachings. She includes meditation, pranayama, yogic philosophy, and mindfulness in every class. You can expect to finish your class with a yoga nidra, which will leave you feeling relaxed and reconnected to your physical, mental, and energetic body.

Alongside teaching yoga, Sushil is also a massage therapist, pilates instructor and reiki master teacher. She values the importance of moving the body and stilling the mind as a means of deeper connection with ourselves.

Yoga to Stella is the connection between Mind, Body and Spirit but more so about connecting people. Stella loves teaching yoga as it enables her to share the practice in an inclusive way and helps build connections with the people and community. Stella teaches from a place of love and compassion.

She gravitates to simple alignments and creative sequencing while aiming to strike a balance of effort and ease on the mat. Stella first turned to yoga and mindfulness practice to get her through a difficult time in life and fell in love instantly.

She is a busy corporate girl and yoga helped her greatly in balancing the stress at work.  


Rodrigo found yoga in his early twenties. It started off simply as a way to stretch and release tightness from his body from years of martial arts and gym training. From completing his first yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, Rodrigo had unexpectedly discovered its true power and ability to completely shift not only the body but also the mind into a deeper level of consciousness.

While not teaching yoga, Rodrigo also has a love for design and furniture making. The process of woodworking is also a form of yoga for him, the care and attention to detail with the need for deep focus creates a place of calm and serenity.

Rodrigo’s teaching comes rather intuitively and with a focus on dynamic movements that gets the whole body engaged paired with life philosophy that hopefully stays with you long after you’ve left the mat.  

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