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Kids Yoga

A wonderful way to give your kids precious life skills

  • Fun, casual, noisy sessions filled with games, music, storytelling, and movement
  • Improve concentration and body awareness through balance, stretch, and strength poses
  • Loving, non-competitive, creative environment so they safe and comfortable

Kids have an incredible innate intelligence and a natural sense of exploration. They are imaginative. Uninhibited. And not afraid to express themselves.

Childhood can be a challenging time with their bodies constantly growing and their minds making sense of the world. Comparing themselves against others. Trying to fit in, yet wanting to stand out at the same time.

It’s an important time to help them be comfortable with their bodies. To reinforce their self-worth. And to know that they are precious and beautiful, just as they are.

Young minds hold the power to redefine the future. Our kids yoga program unleashes your child’s potential through age-old practices delivered in a fun way. Yoga is one of the most incredible gifts you can give to your kids:

  • Boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve body awareness and cultivate self-love through mindfulness
  • Help them focus and find calm throughout difficult times with simple breathing techniques
  • Encourages kids to feel a sense of achievement

Friendly, experienced teachers

Our kids yoga teachers are wonderful with kids and have professional training to help them design fun, safe classes.

We understand you might be a bit worried or unsure about whether your child will like the class, follow instructions, or play up during the class. You are not alone with your worries. We’ve come up with plenty of ideas to overcome these common concerns.

You’re welcome to contact us or chat to the teacher before or after the class. Our priority is for you and your child to feel comfortable in the sessions. 

Focus on movement and play

Kids yoga is different to the typical yoga class. Kids have short attention spans and love to move.

We encourage them to play through movement. To use their imagination and keep their interest with animal-inspired postures. Energizing music. And laughter.

Limited age range

We offer kids yoga to 6-10 year olds as we’ve found this age range have a wonderful dynamic in the sessions and typically feel comfortable together. Teens 12 and over are welcome to join our regular classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions are designed with a mix of activities so they move, which is what we’re all made to do. We encourage chatter and laughter. We expect fidgeting and outbursts. We’ve run sessions with many kids and have ways to help kids enjoy the session.

Chat to us, meet the teacher, and give your child a go

Up to 15. Note that we run classes based on term bookings with limited numbers.  

We’ve found kids are more comfortable without adults around. You are welcome to speak to the teacher and introduce your child before they do a session.  

  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable and breathable clothing such as a t-shirt with leggings or shorts

Kids Yoga in Melbourne’s Western Suburbs

The studio is based in Point Cook and we’re often joined by residents from:

  • Altona Meadows
  • Laverton
  • Point Cook
  • Seabrook
  • Tarneit
  • Truganina
  • Werribee
  • Wyndham
  • Wyndham Vale

Kids Yoga Classes

  • Fun and friendly classes with experienced teachers
  • Focus on play and movement
  • Beautiful way to build calm, concentration, and resilience in your child

My daughter was initially shy about starting classes. But the kids yoga teacher was bouncy, colourful, warm. She knew how to make her feel comfortable and draw her in. The class became one of the highlights of my daughter’s week. She loved the games and funny animal movements. And making new friends. She seems calmer and more confident too. Thank you so much!

- Cynthia M

Contact us for a trial class or if you have any questions.